What is eonedm.net?

The Birth and Growth of Eye on NE

In the late Summer, early Fall of 2019, I wanted an easy resource to see what drum ‘n bass events were going on around New England. I didn’t find an easy way to see, and Facebook events were too cluttered to search through, so I started a Facebook link post that compiled drum and bass events from around New England. This Eye on NE DnB included a slideshow of flyers and short info blurbs about local/regional events, set to a tune from one of the artists headlining a show (when I could). Then in March 2020, Covid-19 hit and pandemic-related restrictions stopped live events across New England.

As DJs turned to live streaming to connect with home-bound listeners, I transitioned the video/link post to Eye on NE Streams, with a focus spread to cover DJ’d music of any style from New England DJs. For each of the semi-monthly Eye on NE Streams, one-off events, weeklies, and genre/tempo subdivisions were listed, along with other resources available for listeners to find live, streamed music. Backing tracks were chosen from local producers, along with links for where to buy or download their music.

Twenty-five plus editions later, Covid-19 related restrictions have been relaxed/removed across New England, and live events are starting to happen again and regular live streams are starting to die down (but far from out!). With the live entertainment industry hit as hard as it has been, I want to help support as many different kinds of events as possible and do my part to help the industry rebound. Now my Eye on New England Dance Music aims to cast a wide net and provide a singular resource for links to live indoor, outdoor, and online dance music events from around New England, along with articles and interviews providing a slice of life and peek into the dance music community around the region.

I hope with eonedm.net, your Eye on New England Dance Music, I can continue to help you find your beat.

Forever dancing,

Ryan Eisele, (Mr. EyesLee)

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